Township Board of  Trustees

 Supervisor- George H. Letts
   Home:  269-625-4839     Email: [email protected]

  Treasurer-   Mary J. Gould 
    Home: 269-489-2889                     Email: [email protected]

  Clerk-      Tina Cronkhite
    Cell: 269-503-0493                        Email:[email protected]

  Trustee-       Rich Baker
    Home: 269-503-4146             Email: [email protected]

   Trustee-       Kevin Wickey
    Home: 269-489-9000    
    Email: [email protected]
    Planning Commission
 Chairperson- Kevin Wickey 
                            Home: 269-489-8000                 Email: [email protected]

  Secretary-      Tim Peterson
                            Home: 269-659-6876
                Email:[email protected]

  Trustee-           Matt Craven           
                            Home: (269) 319-9059
                Email: [email protected]

  Trustee-           Allen  Kasdorf
                            Home: 269-251-0113
                Email: [email protected]

   Trustee-         Rick Ultz  
                            Home: 269-268-8977  
                Email: [email protected] 
  Assessor-  Dale Hutson             269-432-2834

  Sexton-      Richie Ultz      Cell:   269-503-2138

  Office:  269-729-9244 Fax:  269-729-9254
208 Front Street
Burr Oak, Michigan 49030
Fire Department

  Fire Chief-   Jeremy Smallwood
  Cell:    574-242-0406
   Director- Mary Ann Kennedy
                     Office: 269-489-2906

Burr Oak Twp. Library
Burr Oak Twp. Firestation
Burr Oak Township
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Zoning Board of Appeals
Kevin Wickey 
​Allen Kasdorf
​Tim Peterson
Board of Review
​Allen Kasdorf
Anne Good
​Matt Craven